People come to hypnotherapy for a variety of reasons.  Some have tried other forms of therapy and found that the process didn't work for them.  Some seek relief from anxiety, depression, PTSD, postpartum depression and childbirth recovery, childhood trauma, eating disorders, compulsive disorders, or other unwanted symptoms.  Others are hoping to find a quick resolution to unwanted habits or to create new ones.  Still others are looking for life guidance, or seek to understand their life situation and relationships more clearly.  

Regardless of your reason for seeking hypnotherapy, with the right therapist, it can be an effective tool for empowering you to heal yourself.  I believe in empowering the individual, and will always begin treatment with enabling my clients to access the wisdom of their own inner guidance.  With this guidance, you will be empowered to search for your own answers and facilitate your own healing in the way and at the pace that will be most effective for you.